Dr. Vijay Reddy Reflects on Vineyard’s Family Legacy

Reddy Vineyards, pioneers of Texas grape growing and winemaking, has proudly grown grapes on their family vineyard since 1997. Dr. Vijay Reddy reflects on his time working with his son, Akhil Reddy, in the vineyard and his family legacy as Father’s Day approaches.

“It’s been 25 years of a challenging journey. I’ve learned so much about the wine and grape growing industry, and I’m so proud of what we have to show for it,” said Dr. Vijay Reddy. “I’m most proud to have my son, Akhil, work alongside me at the vineyard. His support helps me ease into retirement, knowing our family’s legacy of farming will continue on to the 6th generation.”

Vijay moved to America from India in 1971 to get his Masters, along with his Doctorate in Plant and Soil Science. As a 5th generation farmer, his father was his role model. His father was a mentor in the family’s village in India and was the guiding force for Vijay to come to the states to pursue higher education. Vijay brings his family’s expertise to the vineyard.

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