Enjoying a New Dining Experience at Ab Astris Winery

Chef Sommelier Mitchell Sharrock

By Amie Nemec

Looking for something special in the Hill Country? Ab Astris Winery is not only a beautiful setting with some fantastic 100% Texas wines, but now, they offer a stellar food pairing experience! This is not your usual wine-and-cheese sort of tasting. At $70 a person, this is definitely an elevated experience. Each of the five wines served is expertly paired with a dish handmade with care by the resident Sommelier, Mitchell. The foods are sourced locally and the menu changes seasonally to ensure freshness.

The menu when I attended was the start of their summer pairings and had a decidedly Italian flair.

Our first course was a light and complex antipasto board with cheese, salami, artichoke, petite peppers, and more. It paired nicely with their light and complex rosé called Aurora, which is a blend of Cinsault, Mourvèdre, and Montepulciano. While this is not a traditional Provençal rosé

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