VT Retrospective: Judgment of Houston

VintageTexas blog from September 20, 2008 – Shoot Out at the O.K. Wine Corral

One of the pleasures I have had, as a member of the Wine Society of Texas, is helping to organize interesting events involving wine and food. Because the WST is a 501c3 non-profit, educational organization, these events cannot be mere wine parties. WST has made a concerted effort to make these events educational….an actual learning experience, in a comfortable social setting.

A truly eye-opening experience was when we brought together about 55 people encompassing a wide cross-section of wine experience and tasting skills at the Culinary Institute Marie and Alain LeNotre in Houston for a Texas French Wine Shoot Out. In this head-to-head competition, the best Texas Merlot and Cabernet-based wines and blends were tasted against a selection of quality French Bordeaux wines.

The Texas wines were selected based on two major Texas wine competitions – The Houston Classic and the Lone Star International Wine Competition in Grapevine Texas. The French Bordeaux wines were selected by a local distributor based on French wine of comparable price point and quality. In terms of price point, the French wines actually came in on average 25 to

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